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storm is approaching

SERVPRO Of Bellflower Ready To Any Size Storm Damage

Why SERVPRO of Bellflower for your storm damage needs? Because we are here 24/7, we have the tools and knowledge, we are faster to any size job, we have 13 plus yrs experience in the mitigation industry and have the capacity to do reconstruction. We have specific training in storm damages. If you need any more reasons, we have so many more.

Blood Drive Sign

Because we care about our community too!

SERVPRO not only cares about helping through the jobs that we get, but also through community work. Like the blood drives that we are planning to sponsor every 2-3 months regularly.

So if you like to donate regularly, follow is on our Facebook and Instagram for future dates!

kitchen Fire

Consequences of a fire

The home owner of this property in Norwalk, CA. left a pan on oil on the stove and this is what happened thankfully the fire was extinguished before it became a total loss. The customer hired us to do the cleaning. As soon as we got to the home you would not have thought that there was that much soot, but as soon as we started the cleaning you could notice the actual soot on the walls and ceiling. We cleaned as much as possible and customer will do repairs to the cabinetry next to the stove and repaint. 

Home Office Water Damage

Home Office Water Damage

This home is owned by retired folks and so when they had a water flood due to washer behind their home office they were so stressed, but knowing that SERVPRO of Bellflower was in-charge of the mitigation process their stress level minimized to almost non-existent. They were so happy they gave us a great review.

Raining in the Livingroom

Raining in the Livingroom

This property owner got to experience raining in her living room. NOT FUN she said. By the picture you can see that in-fact it was not fun. SERVPRO of Bellflower removed all the affected area and dried in a matter of a few days. The faster and efficiently we move, the better for the customer.

Commercial Storm Damage

Commercial Storm Damage

This retail commercial warehouse was flooded because of a storm and because of how the warehouse was built the water just seeped in. So much water had to be extracted and dried. But nothing is too complicated for us. SERVPRO of Bellflower got it done.

What fire damage?

What fire damage?

Who would've known that there was a fire damage at this location in Norwalk, CA? This is was SERVPRO of Bellflower can do for you. We got this kitchen better than preloss conditions. Amazing!

Commercial water clean up

Commercial water clean up

At this commercial property located in Bellflower, CA. SERVPRO of Bellflower was called to do the water extraction and clean up. Our job was done quickly and efficiently getting this office back to work in a matter of a few days. 

It's Raining in the Bathroom

Water From The Ceiling

This home in Long Beach, CA had a water damage due to a pipe that burst on the top floor bathroom and flooded the bottom bathroom. SERVPRO of Bellflower extracted the water and dried everything out. As you can see that the walls and ceiling had to be torn out to be able to dry and fix the plumbing. After the plumber came and fixed the pipes we finished our work in a matter of days. Another happy customer.

Face Lift

New Look Same Company

This is the new look for the office of SERVPRO of Bellflower. 3 water damages late and it was decided that it was time to remodel. All the work was done in house, so everything was done by our own techs. From the mitigation to the recon. We did it all. As you can see that the end new look is just amazing.

ceiling water damage

Ceiling Water Pocket

On this photo you can see the damages a small storm can come with. This property owner woke to this. As he slept this happened and heard nothing. he called SERVPRO and we were done in a matter of days. Making it easier for our customer.

extensive storm damage

Storms cause havoc

When the storm hit they cause havoc. As you can see at this property the storm ripped of pieces of the roof, leaving the attic exposed and rain water seeped through. This was some extensive damage. With SERVPRO on their side we made it "Like it never even happened."

Water mitigation

Water damage at San Clemente, CA

What a broken water pipe cause. At this location a pipe had a pinhole that without noticing, leaked water and caused so much damage. As yo can see in the picture that so much floor had to be removed to be able to dry.

Flooded warehouse

Flooded warehouse

During storm season in Bellflower, CA this commercial property was flooded. As you can see in the picture that water got into the warehouse and damaged so much. SERVPRO of Bellflower was called and our field technicians extracted water and set up drying equipment. In a matter of days everything was dry.

storm damage to living room

Storms fault!

This storm caused this home owner in Bellflower, CA severe roof, attic and living room damages. As you can see in the picture how much was affected. Good thing SERVPRO of bell flower removed all of the affecter area before it became worse.

Fire damage

Never leave food on the stove unattended.

Its is always said that when you cook do not leave food unattended because you never know what can happen. This home owner was cooking and left for a few mins he said, but forgot that he had food cooking and as fire consumed part of his kitchen. SERVPRO was sent to do the mitigation. the customer was happy at how easy the mitigation process was. If you have fire damage call us and we will be there to make the process less painful. (562)608-8805

Fire damage

Fires are no Joke

Fires are not a joke. a resident of this location in Bellflower, CA left a cigarette unattended that fell to the floor and started a fire. SERVPRO of Bellflower was called to the mitigation nd reconstruction and customer was so happy to get his home back.

Microwave accident

Fire aftermath in kitchen

Scary when a fire happens, imagine when it happens to your home? In this property located in the city of Norwalk, Ca that's exactly what happened. One of the residents in this property accidentally put something to heat up in the microwave with a metal utensil that caused a fire. Luckily the fire was put out fairly quickly by the Fire Dep. and our experienced technicians went to work and made it "Like it never even happened."

smoke damage to walls

Board up Post Fire

This was the aftermath of a candle fire in Bellflower when we arrive on the scene. There was significant smoke, soot and water damage to the property due to the fire fighters efforts to stop the fire.

boxes getting categorized for storage

Pack outs, too!

Yes, we can pack  and store your belongings as well. At this property you can see here we have two technicians categorizing and organizing boxes before placing them in the container. 

2x4 wood supporting a stairway

Here for You 24/7

The Fire Marshall had demeaned this stairway unsafe. If the stairway was not supported all the tenants would have to be relocated. But no worries, our technicians were ready to help day or night, rain or shine. 

mold on the wall

Moldy Wall?

This was the aftermath of a ruptured pipe. The pipe was within the wall and not visible to the client. This slow leak was happening for months until the owner realized there was a problem. We removed the cabinets and realized the extent of the mold to growth at this commercial building in Bellflower. 

Call us today is you suspect a leaking pipe within your walls. It can cause more damage than you think. 

person crawling into a crawlspace

Diving for You

Why SERVPRO?? Because we will dive deep into the dark and creepy crawlspace and attics of your home. Our technician are always ready to help and dive in.

In this picture we have a crawlspace with saturated insulation and standing water.

2 technicians Repairing drywall


This commercial building in the city of Bellflower needed some drywall repaired and our team came to the rescue and responded. Here are two of our technicians hard at work. 

SERVPRO of Bellflower making it "Like it never even happened."

Drying the cavity of the walls

Drying the cavity of the walls

A valve from the water heater upstairs broke and 40 gallons of water leaked into the main lobby of this commercial building. We drilled some holes at the base of the drywall, we placed some air movers and a dehumidifier was used to dry the cavity of the wall and framing. The technique of “drying in place” minimizes the damage and overall, the expense and headache associated with a water loss.

Commercial water damage

Commercial water damage taken care of.

This was a business that suffered a huge water damage, but thanks to SERVPRO of Bellflower, we went in the middle of the night and were able to extract the water and dry!

Employee in PPE Cleaning & Disinfecting

SERVPRO of Bellflower disinfecting the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce

SERVPRO of Bellflower is about keeping our community healthy! That is why we cleaned and sanitized the Bellflower Chamber of commerce. Here is one of our SERVPRO team members all geared up from head to toe to clean and sanitize the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce.

SERVPRO team looking for moisture within wood

The SERVPRO squad checking for hidden moisture

When you suffer a water damage, there are many areas that might go unaddressed if you don't have the proper equipment. The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad has the latest equipment and training to detect for moisture in these hard-to-see areas. 

SERVPRO team member is seen extracting water

The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad extracting water

In this office, the customer had water seep through the wall next door. Luckily, we were there to extract the water immediately before any major damage occurred. We have the capability to extract heavy amounts of water with our state of the art equipment. 

SERVPRO squad will do the dirty work for you

The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad getting down and dirty

The SERVPRO of Bellflower team is trained to handle the dirty part of the work, Sometimes, they make it look too smooth! Don't worry, these guys have their full PPE on, making sure they stay nice and dry behind the suits.

giving our stress balls to our local senior facility

Helping our local seniors be stress free these holidays!

The holidays are a time for giving, and so, we wanted to give out some stress balls?? to our local senior facility to help out with the stress the holidays bring! .

Servpro employees helping clean the dirty areas in our city

SERVPRO team is all about the community!

We heard?? you Bellflower!!! We did our best to make sure that the empty space behind Stater Bros on Palm Street was left looking like nothing ever even happened. We couldn't go behind the chain link fence, however, we made sure to get as much as we could????????

Display of how we service hardwood floors

Grand Opening Displays

Here we have a display demonstrating the capability of our equipment for hardwood floors. If you have a wood floor that you are trying to save, this machine has the capability of injecting concentrated heat to the affected hard wood floor. 

Robin Snow wins a speaker in our raffle

Raffle Time!

Robin Snow wins a raffle prize at our grand opening event. We wanted our guest to have a unique take away experience, so we decide to treat our guest at our grand opening with some raffle prizes.

the SERVPRO of Bellflower building

The SERVPRO of Bellflower team

SERVPRO of Bellflower is a company that prides itself in helping and customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter if it is through our work or through helping out the community. We are here for you! Our team is composed of unique, highly experienced individuals that take pride in what they do. We can handle most jobs, just ask us for a quote. We are fast and can save you so much money! We are looking forward to helping you when you need it most!

Call us today at (562) 608 - 8805 to set up your appointment and see how much we can save you.