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Keeping a workspace clean

12/23/2021 (Permalink)

Bacteria, germs, and viruses on a keyboard Bacteria, germs, and viruses on a keyboard

Let’s talk about commercial workspace and keeping it clean and sanitized.

Your work is a place where you spend the most time besides your home. So, why not keep it clean and sanitized?  Whether you work in a restaurant, garbage company, office or what ever it may be, bacteria and viruses are everywhere and anywhere. So, not just because you work in an environment where it does not look dirty, means that the surfaces are not contaminated. Highly touched places are where it is most common to be harboring bacteria and viruses.


- Door knobs/handles

- Cabinet doors

- Faucet handles

- microwave

- Refrigerator door handles

- Water fountains or machines

- Computer Keyboard and mice

- Etc. (the list can go on)

Clean work space frequently. At least one a week. Specially in these times where viruses are on the rise and very dangerous. Highly touched areas clean every day. Use EPA (Environmental protection Agency) approved cleaners that kill all sorts of viruses including Covid-19.