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Prepared with an Emergency ready plan

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Emergency pack Emergency pack

Prepared with an Emergency ready plan

Emergencies happen when least expected, but are you ready? If were hit by a natural disaster, or major fire are you prepared?

The majority of homes are not prepared. Being prepared can help minimize the impact of the tragedy for you and your family. Here are some steps to help in the case of a catastrophic event.

  1. Plan you evacuation route and include emergency contacts and address in case you need their help and specify a location where to meet like the Torrance High school big clock not just Torrance high school.
  2. Prepare an emergency pack with

*Prescriptions and other meds

*First aid Kit

*Bottled water

*Flashlight, battery powered radio, and extra batteries

*Clothing and sleeping bags and pillows

  1. Create a home inventory about all of your persona property which will help when applying for disaster aids, help speed up the process with an insurance claim
  2. Have Important documents in a safe place where only you and persons of trust know and can reach for it easy. Include Prescriptions, Birth and marriage certificates, passport, Driver’s license/ Real IDs, SS cards, Insurance poly docs, most recent tax docs, employment info, wills and deeds, stocks, bonds and other negotiable cert., financial information like bank, savings, and retirement account numbers.
  3. Last but not least, do the 10 minute test. Practice until you can gather all your things and family to be out the door and on the road without panicking and without confusion in 10 minutes or less. Practice, practice, practice until you get it down.